Since starting our journey with essential oils & Young Living products, I love to share with my people- you!  I’m sure you’ve seen them here or there or you have a friend that uses them, or maybe this is the first you’ve heard of them, but it’s a secret that shouldn’t be kept in your cabinet, but shared daily with your friends & fam & for me, that includes my Brass & Twine fam!

Here’s a quick fact about them!:


The main ways we use our oils are for hormone balance, energy support, immune support, sleep, cleaning, haircare, skincare, etc.  June has her own oils my husband uses the ones he loves, and I have my favorites!

I’m a part of an amazing group of women that support & teach daily in our private Facebook groups and personally through meeting up, phone calls, texts, e-mails, whatever kind of support we want.  I joined for the happiness & health of my family and the business side of Young Living is a blessing.  If you want to start your journey with oils, just contact me!

If you want to order your starter kit like I did, just click here, choose Wholesale to get 24% off of all your future products (you never have to share/sell), make sure #11644315 is in the enroller & sponsor ID.  Make sure my number is in there, because then I can personally guide you and give you resources!

The starter kit is everything you need to get started (obviously, lol), and I’ll personally send you a roller of carrier oil and a Thieves household cleaner spray when you sign up!

For $160, you receive
a diffuser (feel free to upgrade it when you order!)
11 oils








-Stress Away




the monthly PROMO (check with me to see what YL offers this month!)
Samples for your friends
(2) Ningxia packets – my husband’s FAVORITE STUFF
and added into your very own amazing teams & groups to help + support you.


I can’t wait to get an e-mail letting me know you joined my oils community.
You can also read more about our journey on, my personal blog.





Check out Casey’s video about the starter kit- Casey is in my upline, so if you sign up through me, you’ll have access to her groups!  Use the number above (#11644315 ) when you purchase your starter kit, though, so that I can directly guide you and so you don’t get put under someone you don’t know!: