Choosing your Location


alexisanddylanengagedH82A1948_bloggedPhoto taken at Lake Martin in the Fall


Years ago, for every session I would be left with the responsibility of finding a location for my clients.  Every week I scrambled to come up with places I hoped they would find fitting with their style and trying to get permission or information on those places!  It was draining for me aaand I found that my clients weren’t being given very personal choices for photos that are supposed to hold meaning!

So I handed off the responsibility of finding locations to the client and since then, my life has been simpler (always the goal!) and their sessions have held more meaning for the reasons that they choose where they choose!  It allows us to explore NEW places like private property and friend-of-a-friend’s homes that wouldn’t have been available if I were the only one finding sweet spots!


katelynsimoneauxH82A4911_bloggedPhoto taken on private farmland behind the couples’ home.


So here.. I hand you the reigns, and if you don’t have anywhere in mind already, here’s some hints to get your wheels turning!


  1. It doesn’t have to be extravagant.  You don’t have to find the nearest famous gardens with streets of gold.  The location should reflect your style and honestly, my husband and I went down a dirt road near his grandma’s house where he grew up for our engagement session.  He loves those photos and tells all his childhood friends that we had our engagements down “Lost Caillou.”
  2. Ask your friends & family.  Especially in Louisiana, everybody loves to share.  I can’t tell you how many clients have had family friends with farms, fields, old houses, or big beautiful new houses that jump at the chance to show off their homes and land and let us in for a session.
  3. Drive around.  There are handfuls of places that I’ve seen while I’m driving through towns that I fall in love with.  Maybe the tall grass is so clean and soft or the brick walls are covered in vines and I love that.  Maybe it’s just a little old downtown area that has character.  I’ve shot sessions under bridges, on the banks of rivers, at the top of parking garages, you name it.  Just be sure to a. get permission or b. know that it’s public land and no biggie
  4. Don’t over think it.  We really could just go in your backyard.  It’s not that serious.  The focus of the session is always YOU and not the surroundings.  Although moss on the trees and things like that are gorgeous and add to photos, do what feels right and comfortable for YOU!  I’ll make it work, trust me :)


Now, here’s a list of popular public locations that you can look into if you’re still at 0 ideas!

Local parks
Downtown Breaux Bridge, Opelousas, Lafayette, Eunice, Baton Rouge Etc.
Afton Villa Gardens, St. Francisville ($ to visit)
Nottoway Plantation (or any plantation) ($ to visit)
Avery Island: Rip Van Winkle Gardens or Jungle Gardens ($ to visit)
Chicot State Park (or any state park)
The Horse Farm in Lafayette, La (currently free)
The Victorian Plantation, Broussard ($ to visit)
Esprit de Couers House, Lafayette ($ to visit)
College Campuses (UL, LSU, etc.)
Lake Martin


megandcalebresizedh82a8312Photo taken at The Victorian, Broussard