Dressing for YOUR Session

style guide: what to wear for your session

So many of my clients wonder what they should put together for their session!  After four years of meeting so many families, couples, children, and seniors, I’ve realized what makes and breaks a photo session and never. want. to. break. another!   I hope you find this information helpful, because I really love when my peeps show up in colors that compliment both *your style* and flow with my work!  If you follow these, I can pretty much guarantee your photos will be gorgeous online, in print, and all over your house!  Classic, rich, and timeless..   Here’s a few tips to have the most gorgeous gallery!



NUMBER 1! // Focus on earth tones!  Neutrals are ALWAYS in style and classy! Creams, browns, dark greens, burnt oranges, golds, and deep reds, plaids \\ always work!  Look how Hailey put together her family’s outfits to compliment each other, without being too ‘matchy, matchy.’  These tones are my FAVORITE and I feel like they lend themselves to the most amazing images.  Even in the spring, creams and browns so work with the bright colors outside!






NUMBER 2! // Make sure they Fit!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had guys show up with pants so tight that they couldn’t get into a few of the poses I asked them to get into!  Which is really SAD! because it limits things and we. want. no limits here.  Example?  Cy & Kelsi would have never been able to ride their cute little bikes down the road for their engagement session if they didn’t wear something comfortable that fit them just as it should!  Don’t make an excuse and think ‘Oh, she probably won’t make me show the back’ or ‘I doubt we’ll be sitting down!’  Trust me when I say, we do all SORTS-a-crazy!







NUMBER 4! //  Mix it up!  If you opt for a full session, you can bring two styles with you!  Bringing something more formal and something more relaxed is a great way to get A LOT out of your gallery!


NUMBER 5! // If you don’t trust your h&mu skills, hire a professional or go more natural!  These photos are going to last your lifetime// don’t experiment with winged liner on your own if you’ve never played with it before.  The ladies at Glam hair salon understand light and how much a good contour can do for us.  I’m not pushing a full face of makeup on you for your session, but usually the most beautiful photos are either minimal makeup or professional makeup (because lashes.) !


NUMBER 6! \\ Accessorizing is a GREAT way to change it up quick and easy!  A hat, shawl, a chunky necklace, a jacket, whatever.  These things are really easy to carry around for a session and throw on and off!  Think about bringing an old blanket that would bring character, too!  (see above).  Joy had an amazing shawl and we laid it down and used it as a backdrop for this close up below.


NUMBER 7! \\ Try to avoid *Neon* colors or colors that you don’t see a lot of in my galleries.  Super bright colors will cause a color cast on your face when the light bounces off of it!  Be careful with how much BLUE or PURPLE your bring, because those colors tend to fight against the warm tones found in my work!  I find the blue and purple take a lot of attention away from my subjects and I just really wish everyone loved earth tones and warm tones as much as I do :x :)

For some earth tone inspiration, click below to check out a pinterest board I’ve thrown together!  And as always, I encourage you to send me a photo of your outfits so I can help sway you in the direction of gorgeous tones that photograph well!

xx hugs!  Courtney

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