Common Questions

frequently asked questions

Do you share every session on social media and on your website?

Not every single one! Here’s why :)
Photography is such a personal art/business, and every photographer has their own style & taste.  Our best work is showcased when clients are on the same wavelength as us, and to attract those clients, we have social media and websites to show them our portfolio!  There are soooo many sessions that I *LOVE* that I haven’t had a chance to blog, but there are also some that aren’t on the list of upcoming posts.  Weddings and sessions that aren’t blogged aren’t given any less care when shooting and editing, but they may not fall into the type of sessions or weddings that we would like to attract later on.  (Maybe the venue isn’t where I’d like to work again, or colors aren’t what we normally love in our work.  Ex.  I love earth tones!  You won’t see zebra prints and neon coral shared on my site very often.)  If you have any concerns about this, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me!

How do I even begin booking a session?

Right under Investment you’ll find the pricing and inclusions for each type of session I offer.  Once you’ve decided you’d like to schedule, click the CONTACT tab at the top and send me an email!  We will find the perfect date, then I’ll send over a contract and retainer invoice.  After that, we can be in touch to plan your session up until your date :)

What’s a retainer fee and how much is it?

A retainer fee is a ‘retainer’ that you pay to hold your date down.  This is not refundable unless I’m the reason we have to cancel, which isn’t the norm.  It’s either $50.00+ tax for a session or 25% for a wedding.  Of course sometimes things beyond our control cause us to reschedule and you won’t have to pay another retainer for the new date.  If you cancel your session and contact me later in the year to schedule a session, another booking fee will be billed.  If the booking fee isn’t paid within a week of booking your date, the date is back open.  There may be an instance where an invoice doesn’t get through to you and I did not open the date. If we still get together on your date, the fee is due on that day (not just the day-of rate) to equal the ‘total investment’.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Invoices sent online will accept any debit/credit card!  You can also write a check or bring cash to your session!

Where do you shoot your sessions?  Any place in particular?

The location of a session is completely up to you!  I actually would RATHER you choose where to have the session because 1. it represents you/your family/etc. and these images are going in YOUR HOME and 2. because you have access to places that I may not even know about, like your uncle’s farm or your friend’s Victorian home.  Of course there are some tried and true locations that I have on hand in the cases where you can’t think of a place to go!  Examples are UL’s Campus, Chicot State Park, The Horse Farm in Lafayette, local parks, The Victorian in Broussard.  Check CHOOSING YOUR LOCATION under Dear Clients at the top!

Why do I need to sign a contract when booking?  Who does this benefit?

Contracts are like the basis of business, verbal or written.  A lot of times my clients and I talk through e-mails and that’s a way I can make sure you understand what to expect, but a contract benefits YOU by clearly stating what expectations you should have from me as a business!  If I ever fail in an area of the contract, you can rightfully remind me of that!  The other way around, if there are ever any misunderstandings, the contract should be what we refer back to since we both agreed on certain terms!  It’s for both of us :)

Do you do payment plans?

Not currently.

Do you airbrush your clients?  Whiten teeth?  Alter our bodies?

I don’t do any sort of cosmetic improvements in terms of weight, but I do strive to pose clients and shoot in a way that is flattering for different body types!  I don’t whiten teeth, but usually I choose areas with great lighting, so that takes care of itself.  Same with skin- lighting can make or break us in photos!  If there are obvious imperfections in the skin such as scratches, blemishes, a fever blister or something that normally isn’t there, I do spot-edit those things out of the image :) I do not airbrush skin, I love natural skin textures.  I want you to look your best, too, ya know :)

Will you create environments, add sky overlays, add animals, etc. if I request ?

That’s not my style of photography nor on my list on things to learn to do!  We all have our niche in the art and that’s not what I do!  I can always point you in the direction of photographers that like that sort of thing, though! :)

Do you ever bring an assistant?

There are a few scenarios where I’ll have someone come along to help!  Ex. a session that involves a lot of travel.   I love when brides, seniors, and boudoir clients bring a friend, though, because it makes you more comfortable and we always have a blast!  For boudoir, my lovely hair and makeup artist, Blair from GLAM HAIR SALON, sometimes comes along and helps pose and keeps us all laughing!  My largest wedding package includes an associate shooter!  On some occasions, I bring an assistant to smaller weddings just for extra hands.  My husband has been with me before and now that I’m having a little one, you might see a baby strapped to my chest.

Why don’t you offer children/family sessions?

I actually do offer these at certain times of the year (around the holidays or season changes!), but to keep my focus and to really put time and effort into my clients, I have to choose what I can handle on a week to week basis!  



If you have any other questions or concerns, please fill out the contact form on the contact page!