courtney | owner + photographer + editor


Photo by Hannah Mulligan


My name is Courtney and I’m the owner/photographer for Brass & Twine and  I’m married to my best friend and together we now have a baby girl named June.

I love the fall, coffee until it’s okay to drink wine, learning & teaching about Young Living Essential Oils, and walking aimlessly through thrift/cheap antique stores.

I started Brass & Twine back in college after buying my first big girl camera and staying up all hours of the night to learn and am SO grateful that I started when I did.

I genuinely like spending time with my clients at our sessions and so many become my favorite people.  Most of my work comes through word of mouth and a lot of my clients book with me a few times per year!
I love that they are my cheerleaders through this business and now through becoming a mom!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me through the contact form on the menu, anytime!

xox Courtney


If you’re interested in oils, check out my website, or email me!



brittany | associate wedding & portrait photographer


Hello, my name is Brittany!  I’m a 27 year old mom to a handsome 7 year old boy. I grew up in the small town of Krotz Springs and that’s where I’ve been my entire life. Recently, I made the big jump to reside in Eunice, Louisiana, and if feels great!
About 3 years ago I went back to school and finished with my certification in dental assistant, which I’ve been doing ever since. Being a dental assistant was a great experience but I’ve always wanted to do more! I was lucky enough to meet an amazing man about a year ago who has now given me the opportunity to be a stay at home mom for the first time since I had my son! I was skeptical because I’ve worked my entire life, but I eventually took him up on his offer and now I get to catch up on all the lost time with my son, Collin! Not only do I get to see my son more then ever now, but I’ve also recently enrolled back into school to work towards my bachelors in social work! My heart is huge and my passion in life has always been to help others in need.
On top of all of these blessings, I get to work side by side with one of my best friends, Mrs. Courtney Prejean! When Courtney asked me to accompany her to a wedding, almost a year ago, to keep her company and help as much as I can, I jumped on it. I was excited to watch her in action because I’ve always loved how talented she was! Courtney handed me her old camera and asked me to capture any good “moment” I saw! I had the time of my life watching people at that wedding and being able to snap photos of people having fun and sharing such amazing memories! When Courtney complimented my pictures, I told her I’d be willing to help her ANYTIME she needed and I wholeheartedly meant that! Now I’m here as a permanent associate photographer with Brass & Twine!

God has truly blessed my life with so many great things recently! I’m honored to be a part of this. I look forward to meeting everyone and being able to work with you all!