A few years ago while in college, I had a really strange rash around my mouth.  It itched and burned and felt like scales.  After months of it working it’s way around my face and creating painful acne that would not go away, I made an appointment with a dermatologist in hopes that I wouldn’t be left with scars all over my chin and cheeks.  He didn’t hesitate when he said “you have rosacea, and it’s flaring up.”  Rosacea to me was just red flushed cheeks, but apparently there are indeed many levels to rosacea and I had inherited one that was determined to kill my happy.

I don’t consider myself a vain person, I’ve been raised to know that I’m perfect in God’s eyes, but that there will always be someone prettier, fitter, smarter, funnier, etc. than I am.  So knowing that has taken any and all pressure off of me to be put together or glamorous or even remotely attractive on most days.  (My husband thinks I’m beautiful, and that’s what matters).  But when it comes to the skin on your face, it goes beyond vanity to want to have it healthy, and PAINLESS, and free from scarring that you could have avoided.

So he treated me with a pill called Accutane.  It’s almost illegal, I think, because of the severe side effects it can cause within the patient and within any child she might conceive while on the medication.  (I’m not a doctor, please research Accutane on your own or ask yours!)  Within four months, my skin went from terrible, to can’t-leave-the-house terrible, to crying-in-the-corner terrible, then finally the sun came back up on my skin and it was cleared.

Accutane may be witchcraft, but here I am with a healthy baby years later and my skin no longer feels like scales.  BUT.  After so long off of this medication, my skin has found a new “normal.”  It burns when I wear products with perfumes, burns when I use a rag to wash, burns when I’m doing anything that pisses rosacea off basically.  And rosacea a fickle b*…

So I’ve simplified the things I use and I’d love to share them with you today in case you are suffering from red/itchy skin on your face.  Or even if you’re just overwhelmed with products and want to know what the cool kids use. (Sarcasm).


^ Hello my sweet friend.  The Dove Beauty Bar for sensitive skin is all I wash my face with.  *PRETEND THIS IS THE UNSCENTED BAR*  I use scented bars for my body, but for my face, I just use warm water, Dove Sensitive Skin Unscented, and that’s a wrap.  This came straight from my dermatologists list of products I should use.  Scentless soap + only your hands = calm skin.



^^ I use moisturizer every night, and some mornings.  I learned very late in life that because my skin is OILY, I should actually moisturize to control the oil.  It makes it so that your skin doesn’t have to work in overtime trying to moisturize you the au naturale way with the gross oils all day.  This Aveda All-Sensitive moisturizer is so light and airy that even my husband who REFUSES to put lotion on his cracked-ass hands will slather some on if he’s working in the sun & wind too much.  Aveda also makes a face wash that goes along with this and I’ve used it and it’s amazing and doesn’t flare me up, either.




^^ This is my newest addition to the fam.  I watched my friend Kristen ooo & ahh over this brand for weeks before I finally broke down and looked it up.  Beauty Counter is dedicated to cleaning up the cosmetics world and offering clean and safe products for those of us that don’t want to grow a third eye.  For me, simple products = less redness and burning, so I gave the tint skin a try.  It’s light and has buildable coverage, so I can let my freckles shine through or layer it on and not feel like a monster.  You can look through all Beauty Counter’s products and read up at www.beautycounter.com/kristenfreeman or follow her on @kristensoileauportraits to watch her stories and read her blogs about BC.



^^ My everyday pallette for my eyes is so simple.  The Naked Basics palette is like, THE perfect color combinations for someone who wants to go more natural with those four center colors and then every now and then, pop it out with some shiny Venus or Crave.  Most days I swipe Naked 2 & Faint and run. #bye


^^ I am probably the most uneducated person when it comes to makeup brushes, but I do know that I do not want to spend $30 on one and none of these cost that much.  They are all also black and that’s fancy.  The blending brush from e.l.f is perfect for my Beauty Counter foundation and any other foundation.  The other two brushes are the only ones I need for my super-simple-naked-eyes.



^^ Mascara is another product I’ve tried too many of.  If it were up to me, I’d wear fake lashes everyday because #lurshes.  But I can’t because I’d feel so weird and people would definitely know and talk behind my back.  If I were a H&MU guru, maybe it would be acceptable.  But I’m just not fabulous enough.  This mascara is really buildable, so if I curl my lashes and layer this on, they are jet black and ready to party.  Plus, $7?

^^ This Burt’s Bees lip crayon is a natural moisturizer and has the PERFECT tint of red.  Burt’s Bees makes a few different colors in this and they are WORTH HAVING.  If you have any other lip products you like, let me know.  That’s like the only way I really amp it up ever.  And the #lurshes ofcourse.  But the lips are more common.


That about sums up my face.  It’s so simple and can fit in a small makeup bag easily.  It’s also a good mix of splurges and things you grab at Walgreens or Walmart.  Not mentioned here is what I use on my brows.  Right now I’m out of the most magical stuff on the planet, which is the NYX tinted brow gel, not pictured.  I’m winging it with a brow pencil, but the tinted gel is where it’s at.  It separates and tints perfectly and I need to get some more ASAP!

I’d love for you to leave a comment on Facebook or Instagram of products you use that are SIMPLE and wouldn’t overwhelm the average woman with sensitive skin.

xox Courtney